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            Zinc phosphate

            Zinc phosphate

            Zinc phosphate Zinc phosphate
            Product name : Zinc phosphate
            Item : 14
            Details :
             Foreign name
            Zinc phosphate
            Chemical formula
            Molecular weight
            CAS login number
            EINECS login number
            Dangerous Goods Number
            UN 3077
            Properties: colorless orthorhombic crystal or white microcrystalline powder.
            Density: 3.99g/ml
            Melting point: 900℃
            Solubility: soluble in inorganic acid, ammonia water, ammonium salt solution; insoluble in ethanol; almost insoluble in water, its solubility decreases with increasing temperature.
            The main purpose
            1. Used as adhesive for medicine and dentistry, also used in anti-rust paint, phosphor, etc.
            2. Used as a base material for alkyd, phenolic, epoxy resin and other coatings, used to produce non-toxic anti-rust pigments and water-soluble coatings, and also used as a flame retardant for chlorinated rubber and polymers.
            Packaging, storage and transportation
            Packed with polyethylene plastic bag lined and fiberboard drum for external use, net weight 25kg per drum. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry warehouse, and protected from rain, moisture, and heat during transportation
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